Consumer markets are ultracompetitive and in constant change. Today’s CFOs, CEOs, CMOs, and VP sales must nurture domestic markets, seize global market opportunities, bring their teams together, challenge the status quo, and capitalize on new product opportunities.

A leader in the Consumer segment needs vision, courage, and people skills.

The challenges leaders in the consumer product markets face are many: Investing in new product development, targeting new middle class consumers in emerging markets such as Asia and South America, keeping up with new mobile technologies, and identifying the levers of growth in product sales.

Waterhouse Executive Search™ pursues and attracts candidates with relevant experience in the consumer goods sector. If no appropriate, high quality candidate is available, we can look in other verticals to find candidates with modern, transferable skills, and market knowledge.

Given the pace of change today, your new consumer goods executive may need to possess stronger intellectual skills related to strategy, digital marketing, identifying and generating opportunities, and executing strategies. We’ll find the right candidate.

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