While reliable psychometric testing, astute interviewing, and thorough reference checking are part of the executive assessment regimen, there is much more to discovering leaders with the right strengths, motivation, and fit.

The best candidate is the most qualified that matches your goals and culture. Our candidate assessment process begins with a thorough understanding of your company culture. Too often, a technically optimal candidate is discovered yet the fit is wrong, and today, fit with the company culture a key want of employers. Even in executive positions, the candidate must want the assignment and be suited to the specific culture of the workplace and industry.

The perfect candidate is not always complete. We can assess the level of buy hgh online professional development they may need, and provide the executive coaching required to help them fulfill the expectations of the new position. We consider the potential of your new leader and whether they can evolve themselves as part of a change process.

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The Goal of Assessment:
  • Identify the presence and strength of key executive traits
  • Identify and explore weaknesses and skills gaps
  • Assess the quality and relevance of experience
  • Social skills and style
  • Industry and working knowledge
  • Fit with company culture and goals