We offer 250 years of experience and we’ve been on both sides of the desk, particularly in these four key types of executive search mandates:

CEO/Board Members
Discovering and retaining the right Chief Executive Officer and executive board members is a challenge in any industry. We’ll search and recruit talented executives with relevant skills, experience and ideal fit to give you what you expect in organizational leadership.

Financial Management
The management and measurement of your corporate financial activity can make the difference between success and disaster. We recruit finance professionals with the intellectual skills and management experience to keep your organization shipshape and on course.

Human Resources
The ongoing recruitment and management of your personnel is critical to business success. To optimize your HR activities, we will source talented HR specialists who can help you with everything from your HR strategy to employee satisfaction. We’ll find the human resource management expertise you need.

Information Technology
IT plays a key role in most businesses and industries today. You’ll need expertise in assessing your candidate’s understanding and management of information technology. In senior roles, your IT executive will need to assess their staff’s skills and motivate them to perform at their best. Our experience and extensive contacts allow us to find talent with these and other key IT management skills.