It’s the twenty-first century. Does your company have a Human Resources Strategy?

The objective of human resources, simply put, is to maximize return on the organization’s investment in people.

A fully-developed HR strategy directs the plans, policies, procedures and activities designed to accomplish that objective. It guides all elements of the relationship between an organization and the people who work there.

We provide a depth of experience in human resource strategies and human resource management. We can help whether you’re starting out and need “the basics” like policies and procedures, or you’re part of a more mature organization that requires strategic initiatives like succession planning and employee engagement.

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Within HR strategy and HR management we include:
  • Development of HR policies and procedures that fit with best practices and comply with employment and labour legislation.
  • HR audits that review the alignment of HR strategies and activities with overall business objectives and strategies. Following an audit we provide recommendations for improved HR effectiveness.
  • Succession planning to ensure the ongoing health and viability of your organization. Succession planning provides smooth transitions if, and when, key management positions become vacant.
  • Recruitment and retention strategies. Are you able to recruit and retain the right people? A well-thought out approach to keeping staff has to focus on keeping not all, but only the right employees.
  • Employee satisfaction and employee engagement surveys. Once you have the right employees it’s nice to keep them. Employee surveys provide data about what’s working, and what’s not working, in the relationship between the organization and the people.