Given the pre-eminent role of IT in every area of business and industry today, we place special emphasis on assessing candidate’s understanding of technology. Executives need to be able to manage the pace of change in information technology, manage data to make better decisions, and foresee the repercussions of IT changes on the future of their businesses.

Management of IT challenges is not just the sole responsibility of IT managers. CEOs, CFO’s, and other top executives need to be on top of IT culture, global business trends, advancements in mobile, Internet, and ecommerce. The decline of Blackberry and Microsoft, and the rise of cloud computing, mobile, big data, and social media are a few examples of radical change in IT that test executive’s vision and decision making skills.

If your candidate requires training in the management of IT for business, we can provide executive level coaching to bring them up to speed on the essentials. Even with polished, skilled candidates, some executive level training can make substantial differences in performance.

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